How We Work

At our core, we collaborate with skilled rural female artisans from various regions of Pakistan, each bringing unique craftsmanship to our creations. Our process is intricate and collaborative: small groups of artisans specialize in different crafts and techniques, contributing their expertise to each article.

Crafting a single piece takes approximately three months and involves multiple stages, with each group adding their distinctive touch before passing it on to the next region for further enhancement. This meticulous, batch-based approach ensures that every piece is purely handmade and a true testament to the diverse talents of our artisans.

We use only the finest quality fabrics and never compromise on material quality or craftsmanship. Due to the detailed and time-intensive nature of our work, our production is limited, ensuring that each item is a unique and high-quality creation.

We offer free shipping within Pakistan and deliver worldwide, bringing our exclusive, beautifully crafted articles to customers across the globe. While we don't take customized design orders, you can share your customized size requirements via Instagram DMs, and we will do our best to accommodate size adjustments.

All articles available on our website are ready to dispatch, so just visit our site, place your order, and receive your favorite outfit on time to make your day special.

Our aim is to revive old crafts and heritage, blending traditional designs with modern craftsmanship to create timeless pieces.